Ventilation Testing and Certifications

AeroMed® Technologies is an industry leader in indoor air quality for infection prevention and control (IPC). From our advanced air purification equipment to high-tech critical environment monitors and controllers, clients rely on our solutions to protect the health of every worker and visitor in a wide range of industries. In addition to high-quality equipment and expert installation, our experienced team is standing by to provide service that helps maintain reliable performance for the life of your IPC investment. We can perform single room or site-wide ventilation testing and provide the documentation necessary to verify compliance with your local regulations.

Air Handling Service and Maintenance

As part of a comprehensive IPC program, our filtration products provide trusted defense against common airborne pathogens, including coronavirus, influenza, tuberculosis, and more.  This includes ceiling-mount, portable, and ducted HEPA filter air purifiers that trap 99.97% of airborne particles and critical environment room monitors that achieve and maintain precise temperature, humidity, and air exchange rate parameters. While all of the IPC solutions we provide are engineered for lasting performance, regular assessment and maintenance are required to deliver the best results.

Our ventilation testing services include:

Volume and Pressure Assessments

A technician will visit your facility to verify and document any, or all, of the following within a specified area:

  • Supply volume
  • Exhaust volume
  • Air Flow direction
  • Room pressure values
  • Number of air changes per hour

This assessment and documentation helps ensure your patient rooms, treatment areas, and other spaces conform to expected environmental parameters for safety and comfort.


Experiencing problems? Our troubleshooting service examines ventilation systems and performs diagnostic testing to identify problem areas. After a thorough review, a technician will recommend a course of action to improve performance and/or perform all necessary maintenance and repairs.

Maintenance Services

The performance of your air quality devices, UV-C fixtures, and other ventilation equipment depends, in part, on the filters installed. When replacement is needed, we install new pre- and final air filters in air handling units and air purifiers to help maintain a high level of infection control and indoor air quality. Maintenance is performed on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis to ensure the highest degree of defense against airborne pathogens.

Learn More about Ventilation Testing Services

Don’t leave your air purification and monitoring devices to inexperienced providers. If you require inspection, maintenance, or ventilation certifications, contact AeroMed® Technologies today. Our team will work with you to determine which services are required, performing all work with a focus on efficiency and customer service.
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