Airborne IPC Site Assessments

Upper-room germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) fixtures and advanced HEPA filtration equipment reduce airborne infectious particles circulating in a variety of public spaces, including hospitals, medical offices, schools, and more. These infection prevention and control (IPC) solutions are extremely effective in preventing the transmission of disease. AeroMed® Technologies, a leader in IPC solutions and services in the United States and around the world, helps ensure your equipment keeps workers and site visitors safe while defending against COVID-19, influenza, tuberculosis, and other dangerous diseases. It all begins with a site assessment to find out exactly what your facility needs.
During on-site assessments, our expert technicians tour your facility and work with you to recommend the proper course of action. Some facilities, or specific locations, may need GUV fixtures, while others require advanced HEPA filtration equipment. We examine your facility to determine which solutions are most appropriate and where they should be installed. As part of a comprehensive site assessment, some of the information we gather includes:
  • Current equipment in place
  • Populations you serve
  • Building design
After a thorough risk assessment and facility review, we can recommend the ideal equipment and the most appropriate locations. AeroMed Technologies can implement these recommendations with professional installation and continuing maintenance and testing to ensure clients receive the maximum benefit from their investment in IPC and feel confident in the safety of their environment.

Learn More about Our Site Assessments

When healthcare organizations, schools, corporate offices, correctional facilities, and entities in countless industries require effective protection against infectious pathogens, they turn to AeroMed® Technologies for superior IPC technology and service. To learn more information or schedule a consultation about our industry-leading IPC solutions and services, contact us today.

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