Maintenance Services

When facilities utilize infection prevention and control (IPC) solutions, workers and visitors enjoy added protection against airborne pathogens such as coronavirus, tuberculosis, influenza, and more. To maintain optimal performance, this equipment requires regular testing, timely maintenance, and expert repairs. If you need service and support for UV-C fixtures, HEPA equipment maintenance, and other airborne IPC solutions, AeroMed® Technologies helps clients keep equipment functioning properly to maintain safer indoor environments.

Maintenance Services

AeroMed® Technologies stands behind all our solutions and provides only the highest quality equipment to ensure our clients’ safety and satisfaction. However, regular maintenance helps ensure your IPC equipment functions as expected and can identify any problems before they become more serious. If your upper-room GUV fixtures are in need of cleaning or your filtration equipment has MERV-rated filters to maintain, our technicians can perform a number of maintenance services that include:

Periodic Maintenance

Replacing pre-filters and keeping luminaires clean and free from debris help ensure lasting performance. Our technicians will replace MERV rated pre-filters on your filtration equipment and thoroughly clean GUV fixtures on a quarterly or semi-annual schedule that suits your equipment and the needs of your facility to help maintain functionality.

Annual Maintenance

IPC equipment maintenance is most effective when performed on a regular schedule by qualified technicians. Our annual maintenance services achieve this goal with all of the following:

  • New intermediate or HEPA filters
  • Lamp replacement
  • Fixture cleaning
  • Safety testing

Annual Contract

At AeroMed® Technologies, we can also contract the above services on an annual basis. We encourage our clients to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure luminaires and HEPA filtration equipment are regularly maintained thus enjoying greater peace of mind.

Safety Testing Services

Before maintenance is complete, a comprehensive safety assessment is conducted to ensure your IPC equipment is functioning in accordance with regulatory safety standards. This allows our technicians to preemptively identify any possible issues and ensure the well-being of everyone within your facility. During this assessment of upper-room GUV fixtures, our technicians evaluate UV-C light output in the occupied spaces to ensure only acceptable levels are present. GUV Safety testing should be conducted:

  • After installation to confirm proper function
  • Whenever lamps are replaced
  • When fixtures are relocated in your facility
  • After any adjustments in configuration

Our expert technicians utilize extremely precise diagnostic equipment to deliver the most accurate readings possible and ensure your peace of mind. If an issue is found, our technicians will review the area with you and recommend a course of action to remedy the situation.

An Industry Leader in IPC

From GUV fixtures to HEPA filtration and advanced environmental monitoring, organizations across the United States and around the world turn to AeroMed® Technologies to improve indoor air quality and promote safer, healthier environments for building occupants. Our IPC solutions have been developed with unrivaled experience and technology and are relied upon by countless industries, including healthcare, education, corrections, food service, and more.

Is your IPC equipment safe and effective? To learn more about our solutions, services, or GUV safety testing we invite you to schedule a consultation, contact AeroMed® Technologies today.

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