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From hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world to educational institutions, correctional facilities, and restaurants here in the United States, infection prevention and control (IPC) solutions from AeroMed® Technologies help reduce the transmission of airborne infectious diseases. Our IPC programs draw on decades of engineering and design experience to deliver industry-leading performance, but these high-tech devices also require expert installation to achieve the best results. Only with the proper installation process can IPC solutions protect the health and wellbeing of every building occupant.

Risk Assessment

The most effective IPC solutions take into account the unique demands of your facility. That’s why every installation begins with a thorough risk assessment. Our technicians will visit your facility and review its layout, learn more about the population you serve, and discuss your needs and preferences.

Once the risk assessment is complete, we will provide recommendations for the devices best suited to your requirements. In addition to ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), technicians may recommend HEPA air purifiers, critical environment monitors and controllers, and other options to create a fully customized defense against airborne pathogens.

Facility Review and Installation

Once it’s been determined that IPC devices are required, we perform a detailed evaluation of the space including a review of dimensions, geometry, obstructions, and any existing air mixing or ventilation. This allows our technicians to determine:

  • Are GUV lighting fixtures, HEPA filtration equipment, or both required
  • How much UV-C light is needed for proper dosing levels
  • The appropriate fixture size and quantity to disinfect the air in your space
  • What HEPA equipment is most appropriate, portable, ducted, or ceiling-mount

Finally, the installation will be performed in accordance with our recommendations. Your equipment will be securely installed and a safety assessment will be conducted to ensure the appropriate output and filtration levels.

Final Acceptance Safety Testing

Before any GUV installation is considered complete, a safety assessment is conducted to ensure the well-being of all site visitors and workers. Using precise handheld radiometers, a technician will measure UV-C light at eye level and in areas where room occupants spend extensive periods of time, such as hospital beds, workstations, and more. For HEPA filtration equipment, our technicians can evaluate ventilation in pressure-regulated spaces, verifying supply volume, exhaust volume, room pressure values, and other factors.

All safety assessments are concluded with documentation that confirms the equipment and area have been tested and proven safe for occupancy. In the future, safety assessments should be repeated whenever lamps and filters are replaced, adjustments are made, or the equipment is relocated.

Learn More about IPC Installation

Serving a wide range of industries and clients in dozens of countries across the globe, AeroMed® Technologies provides trusted IPC solutions and services that slow the spread of COVID-19, tuberculosis, influenza, and other dangerous airborne pathogens. Our trusted installation services give clients, their workers, and building occupants peace of mind, even in the face of significant public health risks. To learn more about our products or request a consultation, contact us today.

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