Upper-Room GUV Fixtures

Stopping the spread of coronavirus, SARS, tuberculosis, influenza, and other airborne infectious diseases requires a multifaceted approach. In addition to proper ventilation and air purification technologies, germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) light fixtures inactivate microbes in an area’s upper environment, helping to prevent the spread of infection. As a leader in the field of upper-room germicidal ultraviolet light (UR GUV), AeroMed® Technologies’ advanced GUV fixtures help protect patients and providers in high-risk environments in the United States and around the world.

Understanding GUV Lighting

GUV fittings can be used to reduce the concentration of infectious particles in a space. GUV lighting radiation penetrates the cell wall to disrupt DNA in bacteria, as well as RNA and DNA in viruses, to prevent both from reproducing and causing infection.

As room occupants breathe, they expel air and, along with it, potentially infectious microbes.  These expelled microbes travel on air currents within the space. As air mixes within the space, the microbes travel to the upper portion of the room where they are inactivated by the UR GUV. These fixtures may deliver air cleaning benefits comparable to the most efficient ventilation systems. Occupants are unlikely to notice the presence of UR GUV lighting systems but can enjoy greater peace of mind and better health.

Our UR GUV Systems

AeroMed® Technologies is proud to offer the LEXUS™ family of UR GUV luminaries that represent some of the greatest advancements in ultraviolet infection prevention and control (IPC).


Along with its sleek look, the LEXUS™ offers the industry’s best UV-C output (as measured by the Independent Laboratory at Intertek). A parabolic reflector ensures that more than 90% of radiation is emitted in parallel or collimated light for highly effective performance. Thanks to an adjustable wall bracket, installation and UV-C safety testing are quick and easy. The fixture’s baffles help provide greater safety for room occupants, blocking stray UV light during use.


For high ceiling applications, the LEXUS™ Open UR GUV lighting systems provide the ultimate in UV-C output, allowing the user to reduce the number of fixtures required. LEXUS™ Open fixtures still utilize parabolic reflectors to optimize and collimate the light output. The baffle system is replaced by an extended tray on the bottom of the fixture which protects the room occupants from stray UV-C. These powerful devices should only be used in spaces which have a minimum of a 12-foot ceiling height.

Both types of LEXUS™ UR GUV fixtures offer excellent IPC capabilities with high output that minimizes the need for additional fixtures. All AeroMed® Technologies UR GUV fixtures are tested by an Independent Laboratory for safety and UV output, helping to ensure expected performance with every installation.

UR GUV Fixtures in Action

Our UR GUV luminaries are in use at hospitals and other facilities around the world, from New York to California and on four continents. Some of the most common areas for UR GUV installation include: 

  • Hospitals, health clinics, and other medical facilities
  • Dental offices
  • Prison health clinics
  • Restaurants
  • Schools and universities
  • Fitness and sports centers
  • Government offices and courthouses
  • Voting areas
  • Airports and other mass transit facilities
  • Childcare environments
  • Homeless shelters
  • Houses of worship

To ensure best results, a UR GUV system must be installed by highly trained, experienced technicians, like those at AeroMed® Technologies, who understand the proper GUV dosing requirements, as well as fixture location and placement. Additionally, all fixtures should be safety tested to meet CDC guidelines. 

Learn More about UR GUV Fixtures

With more than three decades of expertise in airborne infection, prevention, and control, AeroMed® Technologies has built a trusted reputation for integrity, quality, and innovation. For additional information about our UR GUV fittings, contact us online (info@AeroMed.com) today. To speak with a representative, call 518-843-3500.

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