HEPA Filtration Systems

Airborne infectious pathogens present significant risks for many patients and workers in healthcare facilities. Any area where building occupants gather and exhale infectious particles creates an increased risk of serious illness. This includes dental offices, educational facilities, office buildings, childcare facilities, and more. AeroMed® Technologies, a leading innovator in infection prevention and control (IPC) solutions, helps reduce the transmission of airborne infectious diseases and maintain healthier environments with a range of versatile air purifiers featuring advanced HEPA filtration systems. With a variety of easy-to-implement solutions and configurable options, it’s simple to find the best equipment available for your airborne infection control strategy. 

Portable and UV unit

HEPA Filtration and Multi-Stage Performance

Our HEPA air purification systems include HEPA filters, certified to industry standards, which trap a minimum of 99.97% of airborne particles at 0.3 microns or less. Extremely small pathogens – including viruses and bacteria – are trapped within the filter media and cannot escape to recirculate throughout procedure and exam rooms, waiting areas, laboratories, and more. Additionally, all AeroMed® Technologies air purifiers rely on multi-stage filtration that incorporates MERV-rated pre-filters and often additional intermediate filters to trap contaminants before they reach the HEPA filter.

This multi-stage design not only provides additional filtration capability but also helps extend the life of the unit’s HEPA filter for reduced maintenance and longer-lasting performance.

Our HEPA Air Purification Units

AeroMed® Technologies offers air purification systems in three styles to accommodate the diverse needs of healthcare facilities and other environments.

Our offerings include:


Ceiling-Mount HEPA Air Purifiers

This ceiling-mount HEPA air purifier feature a lightweight, two-part design that can be easily installed by a single worker. These units install directly into ceiling grids and offer a low-profile design and quiet operation to accommodate treatment and waiting areas alike. Each ceiling-mount air purifier features a 99.97% certified HEPA filter and a MERV 8 pre-filter, plus the ability to configure for recirculation and/or exhaust. Units are manufactured with a standard rocker switch or rheostat, but other control options are available, including remote, automated, and two- speed key switch. The available ceiling-mount models are able to provide up to 12 air changes per hour (ACH), and include:

  • 350C: For rooms up to 14’ x 14’ x 8’
  • 600C: For rooms up to 18’ x 18’ x 8’
  • 800C: For rooms up to 21’ x 21’ x 8’

Ducted Air Purifiers

Designed for installation in your HVAC system’s existing ductwork, our inline ducted air purifiers allow recirculation of cleaned air into and out of specified areas and offer exhaust capabilities to create a negative pressure environment. Our ducted air purification units are equipped with a MERV 8 pre-filter, MERV 14 intermediate filter, and a 99.97% certified HEPA filter. Additionally, these purifiers may be configured to include a germicidal ultraviolet (GUV) lamp for added air purification. They offer quiet operation and simple maintenance, plus a variety of speed control configurations and filter options supporting up to four-stage filtration. 

Portable Air Purifiers

The 700P portable HEPA air purifier features casters for easy mobility throughout your facility, making it ideal for spaces that sometimes require additional air changes or negative pressure conditions. This powerful unit features three-stage filtration with a MERV 8 pre-filter, MERV 14 intermediate filter, and a 99.97% certified HEPA filter, plus a GUV chamber to further reduce the spread of infectious pathogens. Thanks to a sealed cabinet, the unit prevents air bypass, forcing all air to pass through the filters before recirculation or exhaust.

Learn More About HEPA Air Purifiers from AeroMed® Technologies

With unrivaled expertise in airborne infection control solutions, AeroMed® Technologies offers a wide range of products to maintain healthier, safer healthcare environments. Facilities across the country and around the world trust us with their IPC equipment and rely on our highly experienced team for installation, certification, and commissioning to ensure compliance with all relevant industry standards. For more information or to schedule a facility assessment, contact us online or call 518-843-3500 today.

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