Critical Environment Monitors and Controllers

Healthcare environments require precise control and monitoring to preserve patient and staff safety while promoting healthier environments for all. Harnessing decades of innovation and experience in infection prevention and control (IPC), AeroMed® Technologies offers critical environment monitors and controllers for hospitals, medical practices, and more. These devices combine easy-to-use features and wide-ranging integration with advanced capabilities to meet the needs of clients across the United States and around the world.

Flexible Control Capabilities

With extremely accurate pressure differential measurements to ±0.001”wg, AeroMed® Technologies’ critical environment monitors and controllers are ideal for both negative and positive pressure applications. They are compatible with select valves, fans, and other equipment to help maintain a room’s pressure set point, but the room monitor and controller capabilities extend far beyond pressure. Measurement functions include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air change rates

Because maintaining exact conditions is so essential in healthcare facilities, our monitors and controllers also feature versatile alarms. Should conditions exceed or drop below desired standards, staff members receive audible and visual notifications that make it easy to course correct in a timely fashion.

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Simple Operation and Crystal Clarity

When doctors, nurses, and other staff members are busy with the delivery of patient care, they need equipment that makes operation easy. Our critical environment monitors and controllers are available with large, full-color LCD touch screens that simplify use and provide fast access to essential features. Information is displayed in large digits that are easy to read, and both the screen and easy to see halo color indicates alarm status for at-a-glance information from a distance.

Additional Critical Environment Monitor and Controller Features

Beyond ease of use and versatile performance, critical environment monitors and controllers by AeroMed® Technologies offer a variety of helpful features to make integration and installation simple. These include:

  • Multiple inputs: Monitors and controllers accept both analog and digital inputs and offer connectivity for multiple devices for on-screen display from all connected equipment.
  • User-configurable: Whether you require quiet notifications for patient treatment areas or a louder alarm to accommodate busy, high-noise areas, it’s easy to choose the right settings for any environment.
  • Flexible compatibility: Our critical environment monitors and controllers are compatible with BACnet and Metasys N2 building automation protocols and LonWorks FTT-10A peer-to-peer networks to work with the existing control technology in your facilities.
  • Numerous configurations: Organizations may choose flush- and surface-mount models to suit various placement needs, as well as internal and remote sensors.
  • Energy savings: When used with compatible AeroMed® Technologies devices, critical environment monitors and controllers can help lower energy costs for a more efficient facility.

For more information about compatibility and available configurations, reach out to AeroMed® Technologies.

Learn More About Critical Environment Monitors and Controllers

As a leading provider of airborne infection control solutions, AeroMed® Technologies is committed to helping healthcare providers, other medical facilities, and organizations across industries to maintain safer environments and achieve compliance with all relevant standards. For additional information about our products and solutions, contact us online via email at To speak with a representative, call 518-843-3500 today.

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