Aerosol Treatment Chambers

Sputum inductions, aerosolized pentamidine treatments, and other cough-inducing procedures present a serious risk of infection for healthcare providers and patients alike. To offer reliable protection against tuberculosis and other airborne infectious pathogens, the Aerosol Treatment Chamber (ATC) from AeroMed® Technologies provides enhanced ventilation through negative pressure. HEPA filtration and a convenient design make this negative pressure booth ideal for use in a wide range of healthcare facilities across the United States and around the world.

Multi-Stage Infection Prevention and Control

The (ATC) Aerosol treatment Chamber by AeroMed® Technologies offers two-stage protection against infectious airborne particles. At the top of the booth, a pre-filter traps particles found in the incoming air. Inside, a HEPA filter under the seat captures microbes in the exhausted air. This advanced filter traps up to 99.7% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, ensuring pathogens released by the patient’s coughs remain inside.

With 115 CFM of exhaust, air inside the ATC is exchanged more than 140 times each hour. As air leaves the chamber, a negative pressure environment is created within. Because of the difference in the booth’s interior pressure and that of the surrounding environment, contaminated air cannot escape the chamber without passing through the HEPA filter, protecting healthcare professionals and patients outside of the chamber.

Continuous Pressure Monitoring

All of our ATCs are equipped with a pressure monitor and alarm to verify proper operation. The monitor continuously checks pressure levels inside and offers a real-time display of pressure differential information. This makes it easy to confirm pressure levels at a glance, even while attending to patient care and other tasks.


If pressure levels rise and become positive in relation to the exterior environment, the monitor sounds an alarm and provides visual notifications. Users can act immediately to correct the issue or stop treatment if needed.

Additional ATC Features

Beyond its negative pressure environment and excellent filtration capabilities, the ATC offers a host of features designed for safety and convenience. These include:

  • Filter protection: A heavy-gauge grille protects the HEPA filter from unauthorized access.
  • Rugged construction: Walls are 12-gauge, galvanneal steel construction offering a durable design for lasting use. A powder-coat finish offers additional defense against damage. The base is constructed of 304 stainless steel.
  • Easy viewing: High quality polycarbonate window panels allow a clear view of the chamber’s interior and let in plenty of outside light, so patients feel comfortable during treatment.
  • Helpful storage: Exterior shelves can hold nebulizer or other treatment equipment.
  • Simple mobility: Four heavy duty locking casters allow easy movement of the ATC between locations.

Additionally, all HEPA filters are individually tested to industry standards to be a minimum of 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns in size. AeroMed® Technologies strives to ensure compliance with all relevant industry codes, standards, and guidelines to meet and exceed expectations for performance and safety.

Innovation, Integrity, Experience

Aerosol Treatment Chambers, upper-room germicidal ultraviolet light fixtures, and HEPA air purification equipment from AeroMed® Technologies are trusted by professionals in the healthcare industry across the United States and around the world. As a leading innovator in infection control engineering, we offer trusted solutions along with installation, certification, and safety testing services to help clients maintain compliance with safety guidelines.

We’re committed to winning the trust of every client through honesty, integrity, and unrivaled experience. To learn more about our ATC, contact us online or call 518-843-3500 to speak with a representative.

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