Airborne Infection Control Solutions

AeroMed® Technologies – a leader in airborne infection prevention and control (IPC) solutions – offers a full range of advanced products that help maintain safer, healthier hospitals, clinics, and other medical environments. Our offerings are trusted by healthcare organizations and many other industries throughout the United States and around the world. Each of our products combines decades of experience in airborne pathogen control engineering and innovation with a commitment to integrity. Explore our IPC products to find the right solutions for your facility and help protect your building’s occupants from the dangers of influenza, coronavirus, tuberculosis, and other airborne infections.

Also called GUV fittings or luminaries, these fixtures use germicidal ultraviolet radiation (light) to provide a valuable addition to your IPC strategy. When facility occupants exhale, this expelled air rises to the upper area of a room and often includes infectious microbes. With GUV fixtures in place, the GUV radiation disrupts the RNA and DNA in viruses and the DNA in bacteria to help stop their ability to reproduce and spread infection.

AeroMed® Technologies offers the LEXUS™ family of upper room GUV fixtures, a highly innovative product that represents one of the most significant and cost-efficient IPC innovations in recent history. High-tech features include industry-leading UV-C output plus protective baffles that safeguard room occupants for peace of mind.

Our HEPA air purifiers are available in ceiling-mount, ducted, and portable options to accommodate a wide range of facilities. Multi-stage filtration utilizes HEPA filters that trap a minimum of 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns in size. Additionally, MERV-rated pre-filters offer additional filtration support and prolong the useful life of the HEPA filter. Air purifiers may also be configured to provide exhaust or recirculation functions and create positive or negative pressure conditions as required by your facility.

When administering pentamidine, inducing sputum, or providing other treatments that cause coughing, healthcare professionals require robust IPC solutions. Aerosol treatment chambers from AeroMed® Technologies provide three-stage protection from airborne microbes with the following:

  • A pre-filter to cleanse incoming air.
  • An interior HEPA filter that traps infectious particles in exhaust.
  • A negative pressure environment that contains infected air to shield patients and medical staff outside of the chamber.

With clear, easy-to-use touch screen interfaces and powerful measuring functions, our critical environment monitors and controllers help ensure ideal conditions in treatment areas, patient rooms, and more. These devices support positive and negative pressure applications and can measure pressure differentials, temperature, humidity, and air change rates.


Choosing the Right Solutions for Your Facility

AeroMed® Technologies offers clients more than 30 years of experience, engineering excellence, and innovation in the control and prevention of infectious diseases. We help each client choose the most appropriate products for their facility with a comprehensive site assessment that reviews:

  • The requirements and risks associated with the population you serve.
  • Typical proximity between workers and clients.
  • The areas of your facility where risk is highest.
  • The facility’s design.

With this information, our highly experienced team can recommend the solutions best suited to your needs. Additionally, we can install your equipment to the highest standards, ensure it works properly, and provide any necessary maintenance to provide lasting performance, regulatory compliance and peace of mind.


Learn More About Our IPC Products

When compliance with industry standards and the health of your facility’s occupants are at stake, turn to AeroMed® Technologies. We’ve built a nationwide and global reputation for integrity and innovation by delivering the highest quality products and trusted customer service. To learn more, contact us online, send an email to, or call 518-843-3500.

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