Infection Prevention and Control Solutions for Recreation and Fitness Centers

Patrons flock to recreation and fitness centers to improve their health. Yet influenza, SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19), and other airborne pathogens present significant risks within these facilities. AeroMed® Technologies has helped countless gyms, racquet clubs, and others in the recreation and fitness industry overcome these risks with customizable infection prevention and control (IPC) solutions that create healthier indoor environments. Trust your facility’s reputation and the health of your customers and staff to our advanced airborne pathogen control solutions and decades of experience.

Recreational and Fitness Facilities Relying on Our Products

Running, lifting weights, aerobic exercise, and racquet sports all elevate the heart rate and cause participants to breathe harder. As they do, infectious pathogens are released more rapidly, elevating the risk of disease transmission in indoor areas. AeroMed® Technologies helps make these spaces safer in facilities, including:

  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Recreation centers
  • Dance and yoga studios
  • Ice arenas and skating rinks
  • Indoor tennis and racquet clubs

To design an IPC strategy that addresses every area of your facility, our team will perform a thorough site assessment that reviews the environment’s layout, occupant population, and other factors. This allows us to suggest the best products for your needs and develop the most effective strategies possible.

Utica College Fitness Center Using UR GUV fixtures

Effective IPC Solutions for Recreational and Fitness Centers

Developed in partnership with leading healthcare providers, medical organizations, and scientific researchers and guided by more than 30 years of engineering and design experience, our IPC solutions are trusted in facilities around the world and across the United States. We draw on this expertise to create equipment for fitness and recreational centers, including:

Upstate Fitness Center Using UR GUV fixtures
  • Upper-room germicidal ultraviolet (UR GUV) fixtures: UR GUV fixtures help stop the spread of airborne pathogens with ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) that damages bacterial DNA and viral DNA and RNA, preventing reproduction. Our UR GUV luminaries provide industry-leading UV-C light output as verified by an independent lab and can deliver the same level of equivalent air changes as provided by the most advanced ventilation systems. At the same time, their safe, unobtrusive design won’t detract from the look or comfort of your facility.
  • HEPA air purifiers: Thanks to advanced HEPA filtration materials, our air purification devices eliminate 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger. Options are available for in-ceiling and ducted installation, as well as mobile air purifiers that can be moved from room to room to suit your evolving needs. Additionally, all AeroMed air purification equipment is manufactured with MERV-8 pre-filters to extend HEPA life and ensure long-lasting performance in your facility.

If you require additional features or have questions about alternative configurations, connect with our team of experts. We’ll collaborate with you to create custom solutions that address your most important concerns.

Maintaining Safer Gyms, Fitness Centers, and More

AeroMed® Technologies has built a reputation for integrity, exceptional customer service, and next-level engineering that’s trusted across several industries. Our IPC solutions are developed to align with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) and are supported by a team of experienced technicians who ensure every device is properly installed, certified for expected performance, and optimized for effective results.

When used together, our HEPA filtration air purifiers and UR GUV fixtures provide a comprehensive, multi-level IPC program to help your business meet all relevant regulatory standards and earn the confidence of your staff and valued clients. What’s more, you can avoid costly unexpected employee absences and reputational damage by preventing outbreaks and infections before they occur.

Explore Airborne Pathogen Control for Fitness and Recreation Centers

Trust the health and well-being of your team and patrons to industry-leading infection prevention and control solutions from AeroMed® Technologies. Call 518-843-3500 to schedule a site assessment or contact us online for additional information.

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