Infection Prevention and Control Solutions for Education

Airborne infections from seasonal ailments to global pandemics prevent students from attending school in person and accessing essential resources, which compromise academic outcomes, yet in person attendance may put instructors, administrators, and other staff at risk. That’s why AeroMed Technologies, a leading innovator in infection prevention and control (IPC) solutions, is committed to providing advanced products and services for educational institutions of all types and sizes. A comprehensive airborne infection control program, when implemented in combination with other administrative controls, helps your institution to safely serve students in person and protect the well being of all involved.

Educational Institutions that Benefit from Our Products

Any area where students and faculty gather presents a heightened risk for the transmission of airborne infections. To make shared spaces safer for all occupants, educational facilities rely on solutions and services from AeroMed® Technologies. Our educational clients include:

  • Preschools and daycare facilities
  • Elementary, middle, and high schools
  • Colleges
  • Universities

Every learning environment is unique in function and structure. Accordingly, we perform a comprehensive site assessment for all educational clients to identify their population’s needs and risks. Our team will also review the building’s design and levels of proximity between occupants in specified areas. With this information, we provide recommendations for the infection control solutions required to ensure safer campuses and regulatory compliance.

IPC Products for Educational Facilities

AeroMed® Technologies products draw on extensive partnerships with healthcare providers, scientists, researchers, and medical organizations, as well as our deep knowledge of engineering and design.

This enables us to create IPC solutions that help minimize the spread of infection in academic facilities, including:

  • Upper-room germicidal ultraviolet (UR GUV) fixturesWhen classroom and building occupants speak, cough, or otherwise expel air, currents transport the microbes it contains to the room’s upper areas. Our GUV fixtures, sometimes called luminaries or fittings, use UV-C radiation (light) to penetrate the cell walls of these microbes. The radiation damages virus DNA and RNA and bacteria DNA to prevent reproduction and reduce the spread of disease. These fixtures are unobtrusive and safe for human occupants, when installed and tested to our standards, and provide a level of protection similar to advanced ventilation systems.
  • HEPA air purifiers: Our air purifiers utilize HEPA filtration material that traps 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size, plus MERV-rated pre-filters that prolong the HEPA filter’s useful life. Versatile designs support ducted and ceiling-mounted installation and negative pressure applications offer additional containment of infectious particles. Our portable air purifiers easily move from room to room, allowing use in facilities that require mobile IPC solutions.

For more information about available customizations and configurations, connect with an AeroMed® Technologies representative.

Meeting the Unique Demands of the Education Industry

Educational institutions have a special obligation to protect the health and safety of their staff and students. This population often includes minors who must attend school in-person to access laboratories, technology, and other resources. By equipping classrooms, hallways, administrative offices, and meeting areas with UR GUV fixtures and HEPA air purifiers, you can create a multi-level IPC solution. This not only helps reduce the spread of disease but gives parents, students, and staff greater peace of mind. These technologies can also help maintain in-person instruction when public health challenges might otherwise restrict schools to remote learning.

Our products are designed to remove pathogens and reduce the spread of airborne infectious diseases in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidance and recommendations. Our upper-room GUV fixtures are tested by an independent lab to meet electrical safety standards and our design technology creates industry-leading UV output. Our team can install all IPC products and confirm and certify their function, supporting compliance with regulatory requirements.

Explore Airborne Pathogen Control for Educational Facilities

With more than 30 years of experience in IPC engineering and innovation, AeroMed® Technologies is a leader in airborne pathogen control for education, healthcare, and many other industries. We’ve built a global reputation for honesty and integrity in customer service, building trust with clients across the United States and around the world. Contact us online or email for more information or call 518-843-3500 to schedule a site assessment.

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