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We are a global leader in clean air technology.

Taking technology used in hospitals and research labs around the world and making it available for classrooms, offices, fitness centers, restaurants and other venues, AeroMed Technologies is paving the way for more accessible, affordable ways to safely operate a business during the height of a pandemic and after the peak subsides.

Using Upper-room Germicidal Ultraviolet systems (UR GUV), AeroMed is helping keep people safe across the country and around the world. Here are just a few of our customers:

  • Kings County Hospital – Brooklyn, NY
  • Utica College – Utica, NY
  • Brewster Inn – Cazenovia, NY
  • National Institute of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Disease – New Delhi, India
  • Friends School – Cambridge, MA
  • Los Angeles County Department of Public Health – Los Angeles, CA

Bill Palmer, Vice President for Sales and Marketing, says what sets AeroMed apart from other companies is that “AeroMed has been purifying hospital air for decades, which means our products and experience give you the confidence and trust you need to be safe.”

The Wall Street Journal describes upper-room UVC germicidal lighting as “technology that has been around since 1937, when it was first used against a measles outbreak” and “a safe, effective layer of protection against threatening airborne diseases in crowded indoor settings.”

Harvard Medical School Professor, Dr. Salman Keshavjee talks about AeroMed technology installed at the Friends School in Cambridge, MA as part of a solution where “the teachers are safe and the students are safe.”

Harvard Medical School’s Center for Global Health Delivery describes germicidal ultraviolet light as “a cost-effective intervention that is safe and supported by a breadth of evidence that has accumulated over decades.” 

From kindergarten classrooms to high school hallways and college auditoriums. In restaurants, offices, and hospitals. From design to installation, testing and commissioning. AeroMed’s breadth and depth of experience gives you the confidence and trust — in safety and effectiveness — that you want and need.

Airborne Infection Prevention and Control Services:

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