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About Us

In addition to Bill Palmer, AeroMed’s leadership team includes owners Cathy Thiaville (President), Joe Cattadoris (Vice President for Product Development) and Kristen Sheppard (Vice President for Business Operations).

AeroMed, Inc., incorporated in 1992, has provided environmental infection control products for healthcare and research settings in more than a dozen countries, from Asia, Africa, and Europe, to North and South America. In 2007, working with the National Institutes of Health, AeroMed installed equipment in South Korea and China, which are high burden TB countries. Bill Palmer has more than 30 years of experience working with scientists, researchers, engineers and the medical fraternity. He has designed and holds patents for numerous products for ventilation and air purification. AeroMed Technologies is an industry leader driving the evolution of infection control engineering in accordance with United States Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization guidelines.

Headquartered in Utica, New York, with research and development facilities in Amsterdam, New York, AeroMed Technologies serves current clients, and many new ones, who are looking for the confidence and peace of mind that comes with industry-leading COVID prevention products.

Our Infection Prevention Products:

Our Airborne Infection Prevention and Control Services:

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